In-Flight Beauty Tips

Summer is finally here and soon many of us will be jet-setting to faraway lands for much a needed vacation. But before you hop on the plane don’t forget to prepare a small beauty bag with a few essentials that will help you make it through the long flight. Remember, airport security will only allow liquids less than 100ml (3.4 oz) past customs, so here are some compact options you can safely pack.

Hand Cré¨me

The air on a plane is very dry, causing your skin to lose moisture easily. Keep your hands nourished with a vitamin-packed lotion. Pick a moisturizer that is a bit stronger than your regular day-to-day lotion as it may not be resilient enough for the long flight. The creamier the better!

Cake Lemon Hand Creme

Try: Cake Lemon Chiffon Velveteen Hand Cré¨me 100ml, $18

Lip Balm

Just like your hands, your lips will also be affected by the dry air and nothing is less sexy than chapped lips. Keep your pout moisturized with a lip balm rich in vitamin C. Vitamins help boost your immune system and keep those nasty viruses that are passed around on flights at bay.

Lip Treats

Try: Mé¨readesso Lip Treats (Clear or Tinted), $28

Toothbrush & Toothpaste

Don’t be a victim of stale airplane breath. Packing your toothbrush and travel-size minty-fresh toothpaste is a must. The kick of mint will help keep you alert when you’re suffering from an exhausting trip and jet lag.

Eye Mask

If you have trouble falling asleep on a plane because of all the distractions, an eye mask will help you block out the commotion and allow yourself a full, uninterrupted snooze. When you awake you may find that your eyes are a bit puffy, help get rid of that tired look with cooling eye balm.

puffy eyes

Try: Boscia Super-Cool De-Puffing Eye Balm, $32

Hair Care

Hair can become limp and lifeless during a flight. Help boost your volume with a dry shampoo or a texturizing powder. If your brush is in your checked baggage, run your fingers through your hair section by section with the product to get a more natural look.

L'Oreal Super Dust 


Try: L’Oré©al Professionnel Super Dust, $19


If your flight exceeds six hours you will want to pack a powder that is long-lasting. Before your flight apply your daily moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and then with a big brush sweep on a soft light-weight powder starting at your nose and working outwards to your forehead and cheeks.

light-weight powder

Try: Bourjois Paris Healthy Balance Unifying 10-hour Powder, $24 (available September 2012)




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