The Five Best Face Oils To Rub On Right Now

And we promise they won’t make you break out…

We know. In the past, oil was never associated with beauty. Unless we were talking in hushed tones about t-zones, mattifying powder and pore size. Ostracized and unwanted, oil was a taboo word. Avoided. Unspoken. Dirty.

Not any more.

The status quo has changed and now, it’s time for oil to shine, shine, shine. Except that it won’t—be all shiny and greasy and sticky on your face, that is. With its multi-purposed, instant hydrating, healing, smoothing and plumping gratification, face oils are going to be your new BFF in just one application, no matter your skin type. All that you have to do in return, is exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells, dirt, pollution and grime before picking and rubbing on the face oil best suited for your skincare needs.

To cleanse and hydrate

One of the biggest oily-skin myths is that you need to really deep clean if you’re acne prone. Not so. What typically happens is that you’ll over cleanse your skin and strip it of it’s natural oils, which ironically will cause your epidermis to start working overtime to produce more oil which will then result in a break out. Cleansing oils like, Dermalogica, Precleanse Balm ($62, available online at will counteract that. Containing a water-activated balm-to-oil formulation complete with hydrating apricot oil, it will gently remove makeup (even the waterproof kind), and everything else including excess oil—all while reinforcing your skin’s natural oil barrier without leaving your skin feeling dry or looking greasy.

To turn back time

Night oils, like Korres Black Pine Active Firming Sleeping Oil ($79, available at Shoppers Drug Mart), are like mini turn-back-time machines in a bottle. Simply massage in a few drops on clean skin before you go to sleep at night, then apply (or not) your fave night cream and hit the sheets. We guarantee you’ll wake up looking younger. All courtesy of an infusion of botanical black pine extract to stimulate collagen and elastin producing genes to promote ageless, softer, plumper and firmer-looking skin. It also contains jojoba, grape seed, argan, apricot and sweet almond oils which work like minions to restore elasticity, smoothness and hydration.

To heal and protect

Essential oils like chamomile, rose, tea tree and lavender have exceptional healing, calming and soothing benefits. Pulled from the flower tops, leaves and stalks of the plants, these botanical oils, like Aveda, Lavender Fleurs Oil Singular Note  ($29, available online at, are renowned for fighting acne-causing bacteria, while soothing and healing painful, red and inflamed skin. Add a touch of organic coconut oil to any of these botanical ingredients, like the formulation in Pretty Cosmetics, Love Affair Rose or Lavender Coconut Serums ($30 each, available online at, and you’ll add an extra protective and therapeutic barrier to your face. Tip: the coconut based oils ideal for nighttime application and are also a great way to cleanse your face in the morning.

To get your glow on

If you think your skin could use a little extra oomph during the daytime, then you’re probably feeling dehydrated or maybe even tired. And if you feel it, chances are your skin will reflect that. Antioxidant-rich, nourishing and moisturizing oils, like Moroccanoil, Argan Oil ($58, available online at, are jam packed with Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and ultra-nourishing argan oil to help combat weary tired skin. Plus, it will help lock moisture into your dermis, increasing elasticity and smoothness, while protecting it from the environment.

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