The Dyson Airstrait Will Be Your New Hair Tool Obsession

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By Alison McGill

If you are a Dyson devotee, you know how game changing its hair tools lineup is. When the Dyson introduced the Supersonic hair dryer in 2016, it changed the at-home styling game. Not only was it the quietest blow dryer ever but boasted the fastest drying time with zero heat-inflicted damage to hair thanks to patented state-of-the art technology pioneered by company founder and Chief Engineer Sir James Dyson.

After the Dyson Supersonic, came equally slick and cult-classic hair tools like the Airwrap multi-styler, and the Corrale, a groundbreaking flatiron that incorporates a smart sensor to regular and adjust the temperature of the appliance’s flex plates to prevent any heat related hair issues. Dyson has now taken the hair straightening game to an even smarter level with the just launched Airstrait, a combo blow dryer/flatiron designed to be used on wet hair and deliver the sleekest, shiniest locks imaginable.

“Having a strong understanding of how to manipulate and realize the potential of powerful airflow is fundamental to the performance of the Dyson Airstrait,” Dyson says. “Delivering the ease-of-use that people love about straighteners but with high-velocity air blades which saves time, maintains hair strength and achieves an everyday natural straight style.”

I had the chance to hands-on with the Airstrait in Toronto in advance of its tightly embargoed launch date and can confirm this hair tool is indeed a major game-changer. It’s quick, easy to use, and delivers incredible results—it can transform even the tightest of hair coils and curls into glossy smooth strands.

Here’s everything you need to know about this groundbreaking hair tool.

What is the Airstrait?
First, know that Dyson’s latest hair tool innovation spent six years in the making (known for much of its life as “Project 553”). This appliance is revolutionary because it allows wet to dry hair straightening with air. There are no hot plates involved which means no heat damage to your hair.

How does it work?
Three words: precision air jets. The Airstrait is powered by Dyson’s trademark Hyperdymium motor, which is small, lightweight, and mighty. The tool looks and operates very much like the flatiron you know, but along the two arms of the machine are two 1.5mm apertures. The flow of air is accelerated through these, creating two power downward blades of air. Projected at a 45-degree angle, they converge to form a solid jet stream of air to force straighten hair as it dries.

Is it just for use on wet hair?
The Airstrait has both ‘Wet’ and ‘Dry’ modes, which are pre-set with a particular heat and airflow combination. You can choose three heat settings in ‘Wet’ mode which range up to 140 degrees Celsius as the top tier. There are two levels in ‘Dry’ mode; there is also a Cool setting which will set your style. As for airflow levels, there are two speed settings, low flow and high flow, as well as cold shot and root drying mode.

What’s the price?
When you buy a Dyson hair tool, you know it’s an investment that will last for years to come. I have a first-generation Supersonic hair dryer that runs like a Swiss watch and looks as good as the day I unboxed it seven years ago. This Airstrait will make great hair an everyday reality. It’s available now in two slick colourways for $699 at

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