Tame Your Mane

It’s just the way the world turns: girls with straight hair want curls, girls with limp hair want volume, girls with thin hair want thick hair and girls with thick hair want anything but thick hair! I’ve been there, the hours it takes to style your hair every morning, blow-drying, straightening, curling, pinning, applying pounds of products all to no avail. Or the countless times you’ve tried to put your hair in one of those pretty updos only for it to last a few minutes then crumble down taking with it any hope of ever trying it again (sigh). And forget about what happens when there’s even one ounce of humidity in the air. It shouldn’t be that difficult. Thick haired girls unite! Here are some easy ways to control your thick, uncontrollable hair.

Keep it Long
I hate to break it to you, but when you’ve got super thick hair don’t experiment with a cute bob or a shorter cut (tear). Instead, try to keep your hair long, no shorter than shoulder length, (so the weight holds down the poof) and add some long layers to control extra volume. If you’re into the edgey look, go for a bad ass, choppy look – your stylist will use a razor to cut off any extra hair – it will add instant rock to your roll. While at the salon, ask your stylist to ˜thin’ your hair. To do this, a special type of scissor that has teeth instead of blades, will cut off only the extra pieces of hair that cause thickness. It will feel like 5 pounds has been lifted off your poor little head. If you can get your hair thinned twice a year you’re well on your way to maintained hair.

If you’ve got the time, it’s really worth spending a few minutes straightening your hair. Not only will it make your hair sleek and smooth but it helps control it as well “ keeps poof to a minimum, hides annoying frizz and adds shine. Of course we’re not suggesting you straighten your hair everyday “ the heat can cause serious hair damage “ but every now and then doesn’t hurt. Before putting the heat to your hair use a product that helps hair fight heat damage. CHI, Nexxus, Biosilk, and Got2B all have great sprays and serums you can use to protect your hair.

Tie it Back
I know, you’re probably sick of having it tied back since it’s been your last resort for so long. But it really is the quickest remedy. Vamp it up if you find the centered ponytail boring, by throwing on some glittery hair pins. You can also try making it a side braided ponytail or throw it in a messy bun (secured with bobby pins of course) as seen in Joe Fresh’s recent Spring ’11 fashion show at Toronto Fashion Week. Instead of walking the runway, you’ll be working the office with a strut and new found hair confidence.

Embrace It
Above all else, just embrace your thick hair. There are hundreds of girls out there that would do anything (as in spend lots of cash) for thick, luscious hair like yours, something to smile about.

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