Take it From Us: Wellness Balms Work Beautifully

If you’re like us, you balm it up regularly during the cold months. A thin bees-waxy layer on your lips all day every day, a protective coating on your face before snowboarding and again at bedtime and an extra thick, hydrating and easily absorbed formula on the itchy, dry and scaly patches on your elbows, knees, knuckles and more. But misting one on your face or even your pillowcase? Say what?!

Yep, there’s a new kind of balm and it’s liquid. Admittedly, the concept is slightly bizarre considering balms have always been equated with their no-spill, thick, waxy formulations that need to be emulsified between warm hands to spread them around. Not so with the new generation in Rocky Mountain Soap Company’s collection of spray-able Wellness Balms in “Deep Sleep,” “Stress Away,” “Headache” and “Breathe Easy” options.

Like their old-school-style predecessors, these balms are good for your beauty and health as they’re infused with healing and therapeutic ingredients like “Deep Sleep’s” soothing neroli, bergamot and lavender and “Breathe Easy’s” refreshing eucalyptus, sweet marjoram and rosemary. Ideally you wear them spritzed on your body, dabbed onto your temples and wrists or even, sprayed on your hands before rubbing them together and holding them up to your face and inhaling deeply. So while these balms won’t hydrate or protect your skin like a traditional one, they can help you sleep better, relieve tension and stress and take a deep breath so that you can get on with your day and wake up looking and feeling better.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Wellness Balms in “Deep Sleep,” “Stress Away,” “Headache” and “Breathe Easy” are $18 each, available online at www.rockymountainsoap.com.

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