Skincare Tips 101

We all think we know what is best for our skin. We wash, we dry, we moisturize, and then at the end of the day we repeat. But have you ever taken the time to really learn what you should be doing in your daily and weekly regimes and why each step in the process is so important to the overall health of your skin? Here we look at the six most essential steps you should be taking (and why!), to help you get your most beautiful looking skin yet!

The most important step for every type of skin, cleansers work to remove excess dirt and oil that can clog up pores and grow acne-causing bacteria. Find the cleanser that is best suited to your skin (and remember that gentler is always better!) and use it twice daily, in the morning and evening. To properly understand the needs of your skin it is always a good idea to enquire with a skin care specialist (either in store or at a dermatologist) to ensure you are using the right types of products for your skin type.

There is nothing more satisfying then a freshly exfoliated face, believe us! But exfoliating is a delicate process that always needs to be undertaken with caution. Depending on your skin type you should aim to exfoliate between one to four time per week, lessening your treatments based on how sensitive your skin is. If you complexion is easily irritable try and find an exfoliator that uses smaller and/or softer “beads” for exfoliating and avoid any kinds of chemical exfoliants.

This is the only of the six steps that isn’t truly “essential”. Toners are one skincare product that aren’t necessary for every type of skin, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to use them and/or keep a bottle close by just incase. Toners are most beneficial to people who suffer from oily skin or have larger pores. Aside from helping to balance the pH levels in your skin and tighten pores, they also help to remover dirt and debris that can cause blemishes and imperfections. Keep on hand for the summer months when our skin tends to get a bit oilier, and unless you suffer from extremely dry skin, try to work in a toner occasionally to your skincare plans just to help keep your complexion balanced. For those with oily skin and large pores, use a toner once per day after cleansing but before moisturizing.

Much like cleansers, your moisturizer will vary depending of the type of skin you have but also, even more so, on what skin concerns you wish to treat. Depending on if you are looking to get minimize the look of wrinkles, diminish acne, treat oiliness, or just protect the skin from environmental stressors, you need to do plenty of research into the creams you put on your face. Ideally the perfect moisturizer should be able to provide you with ample nourishment so your skin stays hydrated throughout the day, as well as helping correct any skin issues you may have and cut down on free-radical damage. Applied after cleansing, this is also an essential step in your daily skincare regime, preventing your complexion from drying out or become lacklustre from cleansing alone.

Always finish off your daily skincare regime by topping off your moisturizer with a lightweight sunscreen. Often the most forgotten step in keeping your skin looking its very best and its very youngest. Sun damage is the leading causes of wrinkles and unsightly brown spots so always use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher to keep it protect. Even if your moisturizer has a built in sunscreen protection it never hurts to give it a little added boost!

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