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The dollar store is a great way to save a few bucks on everyday items like cleaning supplies, party decorations and seasonal knick knacks, but you might be skipping one of the best aisles to save you money… the beauty aisle. While you shouldn’t use dollar-store brand mascara, there are plenty of items that can help you lower your beauty budget so you can splurge on a new Chanel lipstick.

dollar store beauty

Cotton pads

Why spend more money than you need to on something you throw away? Most dollar stores carry a couple varieties, so experiment to find a store brand you prefer.


If you’re lucky, you might be able to find name brand lip gloss. You can check the beauty aisle, and sometimes they are kept at the register. Always check for expiration dates, and even if the product is edging closer to expiry, keep in mind that you should be replacing a chapstick every six months anyways to avoid bacteria.

Compact mirrors

An item that always seems to be getting lost are compact mirrors. A good idea is to head to the dollar store and pick up several and pop them into all your favourite purses and your gym bag.

Nail polish remover

There’s no need to spend money on nail polish remover at drug stores. Unless you are looking for acetone-free or moisturizing versions, all nail polish remover is created equally.

Hair accessories

Another thing that always seems to disappear are hair ties and bobby pins. You can buy a hundred of them, and within a couple months, they’ll all be gone. Stock up at the dollar store, because you’re going to lose them anyways.

Nail polish

Lately, a lot of dollar stores have been carrying retired colours or discontinued drugstore brands. This product is hot or miss, but the dollar store has been a great source for inexpensive nail art bottles with thin brushes, which are perfect for getting your nails runway ready on a dime… err… dollar.

Makeup pouches

If you like to keep your beauty products organized, or travel a lot, leave the beauty aisle and head to the stationary aisle and pick up a few pencil cases in fun colours or prints to organize your beauty products and tools.


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