The Season’s Short Short Hairstyles

Without the fear of humidity upon us, it’s time to abandon length and embrace the season’s hottest short short hairstyles. But before you attempt the look pioneered by the likes of Mia Farrow, it’s time to examine what Fall 2011 has to offer and see how you can make these hairstyles your own.

What: Finger wave
Who: Evan Rachel Wood

Channeling the glamour of the roaring ˜20s, the standard pixie is given dimension by softening texture by first applying serum or gel, combing wet hair to one side, placing your finger near the part, brushing hair backwards, then towards your finger to create a wave. Then, secure it with a pin, and continue the process down the remainder of your hair, and allow product to dry for a structured style. However, for a softer version, brush out hair after styling, and spritz with a flexible-hold hairspray.

Evan Rachel Wood Short Hairstyle 2011

What: Razor cut pixie
Who: Ashlee Simpson

A stepping stone for those not ready to take Ginnifer Goodwin’s plunge into pixie, a razor bang with a short style can give hair the illusion of more length if having an exposed forehead seems intimidating. After washing, blow dry bangs forward and run through with a flat iron, applying some shine serum to enhance texture and to keep fly-aways tamed. However, if you’re not particularly inclined for an Edie Sedgwick-inspired polish, tousle hair slightly at the root to create some lift and to highlight your ends’ jagged texture.

Ashlee Simpson Pixie Cut

What: Layered pixie
Vanessa Hudgens

The ideal transition between a bob and a short short hairstyle, a layered pixie capitalizes on natural wave and volume in case daily flat ironing or curling seems tedious. While some styling is required (blow dry after washing, and run through with a straightener to keep hair controlled), depending on your hair’s temperament, you can scrunch hair with a flexible spray to achieve a messy, disheveled look that’s a perfect contrast to the crisp, tailored aesthetic showcased by designers this fall.

Vanessa Hudgens Short Hair

Sympatico Image


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