Product Review: Lush Fair Trade Honey Shampoo

What it is:
Lush Fair Trade Honey Shampoo ($9.95-29.95) is one of the latest offerings from enviro-friendly, tree-huggers Lush Cosmetics. Containing over 50% Fair Trade honey, they source the honey from Zambian Fair Trade honey suppliers. Since honey is a natural preservative there are none in this shampoo. It also contains 20% linseed mucilage, neroli and bergamot oil which all offer further moisturization and conditioning to the hair.

How to use it:
You need only use this shampoo sparingly if you have short to medium length hair as it is incredibly thick and can produce enough lather with only a toonie size amount for those hair lengths. Longer hair may require smaller dollops of the shampoo applied mid shaft as to lather up and work out dirt, oil and products from the remainder of the hair.

And the verdict is:
The product makes me a believer in all of the latest honey hype you’ve heard buzzing around lately. As honey is a natural preservative, this shampoo is a preservative-free offering, which is a unique offer in the flooded market of hair care products. Honey is touted as a super food for the system and that definitely it applies to our outer shells as well. The shampoo delivers cleansing thoroughly without stripping the hair and leaving it with that oh-so-wrong “squeaky” feeling which, in actuality, means your hair is devoid of any protection. This only leads to dry, frizzy or straw like hair if not left treated and plied with multiple oils and products to revive it. I have naturally very curly hair which refuses to behave in any weather. I also straighten it 75% of the year so it is dry, dehydrated and in need of gentle care and this delivers on all of those levels while still making my hair feel clean. With that being said, the one drawback for some users may be the scent. I am partial to the warm scent of rich honey, rose and neroli this shampoo leaves behind but it is strong, so be sure to try out the smaller size container and see if you are cool with the fragrance.

Is it worth the hype: If you can endure the scent (or happen to think it’s divine) then this shampoo is for you. The cleansing and moisturizing benefits make it a great cleansing option without stripping your hair and leaving it void of any protection but be sure to follow up with your conditioner. No matter how wonderful your shampoo is, conditioner is an essential part to your hair cleansing routine.

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