Product Review: Gé¼d Floral Cherrynova Natural Nourishing Shampoo from Burt’s Bees

What it is:
Gé¼d Floral Cherrynova Natural Nourishing Shampoo from Burt’s Bees ($7.00, 350 ml) is a paraben, phthalate and petrochemical free shampoo. With the help of superstar Carly Rae Jepsen as the spokesperson and cheeky phrases on every bottle, it aims to bring back a little fun while treating the hair without harsh chemicals. A few phrases to be found on the packaging are “For hair that says “touch me.” Talking hair, pretty nifty” and “It behooves your hair to behave. Behoove. Good word”. The main scent notes are almond and cherry blossom but the shampoo also contains organic extracts of peppermint, sage and thyme. The packaging is made of 25% post-consumer waste and the products are never tested on animals.

How to use it:
You need only use this shampoo sparingly, so maximum 1 tablespoon worth of product should be applied to the hair, from short to long lengths. Be sure to lather and work the product in the hair properly before rinsing out completely.

And the verdict is:
Sad to say, this one just doesn’t cut it for my hair type and texture. I have naturally curly hair (synonymously prone to be more dry to begin with) that is fairly thick and I tend to gear towards gently cleansing options. This was a rather stripping shampoo, leaving my already damaged hair feeling over run and rough to the touch, and this was while still under running water. Conditioner is a must after this shampoo, however, being a curly haired girl, conditioner is always a must post shampoo. The scent was incredible, being rich and warm yet fresh and sweet but it doesn’t take over what the end results are if your hair type doesn’t match up with the formula. The one redeeming aspect of this product is that, for a “green” or “eco-friendly” hair care product, the price point is very respectable given the competition easily starts anywhere around the $10 mark.

Is it worth the hype: No. Perhaps the three scents/types offered from this line will offer better results, but this just isn’t my cup of tea. The natural aspect is a great move for all of your products but if the results are lack lustre, you can definitely find another option out there to keep your hair looking and feeling wonderful along with your environmentally friendly conscience. 


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