Product Of The Week: Weleda Hydrating Body Lotion

Applying a body lotion during the hot and humid months can feel, well, redundant. Unnecessary. Sticky. But if you’re like us, you’ve got to do it otherwise suffer the icky consequences of itchy, dull and dry skin, which may or may not have scaly patches and periodic flaking. So applying a body lotion during the hot and humid months is, well, smart. Necessary. Hydrating.

With Weleda Hydrating Body Lotion’s formula of plant extracts and nourishing oils such as, sea buckhorn, sesame, cacao, mallow and sunflower, we never have to worry about the sticky, yucky factor. Its creamy texture absorbs quickly, even on our elbows, knees and shins, leaving us with deeply quenched skin that feels super soft and smooth. It eliminates the flaky patches too for at least 24 hours times two, so really, we’re only rubbing the lightly citrus and sandalwood-scented lotion on every third day.

Beyond how it makes out body feel and look, we also like knowing the lotion is vegan and certified natural as per the NATRUE Standard. It’s packaging is made of 97 per cent rPET (recycled polyethylene tetraphyte, a.k.a: the world’s fourth most common plastic resin that’s used in everything from food packaging to clothing) and is 100 per cent recyclable. The bottle also fits right into our palm too and courtesy of the German brand’s super-smart engineering, let’s us flip it upside down, squeeze and apply all with one hand. Which is great, because we’ve usually got our morning coffee in the other hand.

Weleda Hydrating Body Lotion, $16.99, available online at

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