Product Of The Week: Weleda Awakening Oil

We’re in the gap. Not the clothing store. We mean the gap between summer and fall when it’s still warm outside but not hot, our patio lounging has morphed into schedule planning and the carefree expression we’ve been sporting for the last three months have suddenly turned more serious and slightly frown-y. And dull. Maybe even, a little sleepy.

Yup. There’s all that.

Our quick fix is Weleda’s Awakening Oil, because like the name suggests it’s putting a little energy and glow into our face. With a blend of nine plant oils, from pomegranate, apricot, sesame, avocado and jojoba to safflower, argan, macadamia and wheat germ, it’s safe to say this facial oil’s priority is non-stop, locked in hydration. But so is the dewy, nourished and super soft skin each daily use of the oil leaves behind.

We like to apply a drop or two to clean skin and let it soak in while we read a chapter of our book before turning out the lights at night. But on particularly taxing mornings when our well mapped-out plan is showing signs of cracking, we use it after our 6:00 am shower, too. Because really, if our day is going to crash and burn before its even started, we may as well look like we’re ready for the challenge.

Weleda, Awakening Oil, $39.99, available online at


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