Product Of The Week: Weleda Aroma Essentials Creamy Body Wash in “Relax”

We’ve added a little relaxing self-care to our morning shower routine with Weleda Aroma Essentials Creamy Body Wash in the very aptly named “Relax.”

Mix-mastered with a blend of lavender, bergamot and vetiver essential oils, this pampering body cleanser starts our day off right by putting us into a relaxed mood. Not only is the scent simultaneously uplifting and calming, the wash’s rich formula is creamy and soft on our skin. With no parabens, phthalates, synthetic preservatives or fragrances, and zero animal testing, its silky touch also puts our mind at ease. The Swiss-founded brand is, after all, renowned for their commitment to creating products with formulations that work with our body’s natural rhythms and functions.

And with a mission to create natural products of high quality standards, using sustainable production processes and environmentally practices, well, we’re happy to welcome Weleda into our shower and bathroom any day. Especially when it eases us into our day so tranquilly.

Weleda Aroma Essentials Creamy Body Wash in “Relax,” $12.99, available online at

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