Product Of The Week: The Rootist Strengthen Concentrated Shampoo (And Conditioner)

Product Of The Week: The Rootist Strengthen Concentrated Shampoo (And Conditioner)

There are a couple of reasons why we’re excited The Rootist’s Strengthen Concentrated Shampoo (and its Conditioner) has finally made its way across the US/Canada border (thank you, Sephora!) and into our shower.

For one, the haircare brand is crafted by David C. Chung who created the clean skincare brand Farmacy Beauty, the makers of some of our favourite honey-based face products. (Honey Glow 17% AHA + BHA Resurfacing Acid Serum, anyone?) And if the expression: the apple never falls far from the tree is to be believed, well, then you can understand why we’ve been wanting to lather a little of this shampoo in.

Reason number two, The Rootist’s hyped and proprietary hero ingredient: rootbiomic ferment, a fermented multivitamin superfood is said to promote healthy hair from scalp to roots to tips. “The Rootbiomic Ferment replaces water in all six [of The Rootist’s products’] formulas to deliver stronger, healthier hair through clinically effective, biological ingredients,” Chung affirmed in a news release on PR Newswire earlier this year. And Strengthen Concentrated Shampoo is loaded with it.

Mix-mastered with fermented proteins, roots and mushrooms, the rootbiomic ferment ingredient balances the condition of our scalp to promote an optimum environment to grow and maintain well-anchored roots and healthy hair. Additionally, the shampoo’s ultra-concentrated vegan formula also contains fortifying bio-peptides rich in collagen, keratin and proteins and hydrating, smoothing and protecting citrus extract, yuzu ceramide. What you won’t find a drop of, however, are parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, sulfates or silicones.

Last, but not least, our third must-try reason: the shampoo’s (and its conditioner’s too) longevity. Because the formula does not contain additional water, it is ultra-concentrated, so we only need about half the amount of shampoo we would typically lather up with. Which means the bottle sizes are smaller, lighter and more portable. (Excellent for our travels.) And they’re recyclable—a big win in our eyes.

The Rootist Strengthen Concentrated Shampoo (and Conditioner) $42 (and $45), for 120 ml, available exclusively at Sephora.

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