Product of the Week: The Hair Routine Repair Hair Treatment

Remember when your mom would leave a to-do list on the kitchen counter for you to fulfill when you got home from school. And remember how much you loathed it, especially when she’d call not five minutes after you’d walked in the door to see how far along you were with checking each item off.

Funny hey, that creating to-do lists is now a part of your daily routine…at least it is for us. So much so that it had us gravitating towards The Hair Routine’s line-up of haircare products like a homing bird with a notepad, pencil and checklist. And all because the line contains the word routine in its name.

Boy are we glad it does. We initially chose the Canadian brand’s Repair Treatment because, well, we had: buy a hair treatment mask written on our to-do list. Plus we like having a routine. But now, we’re applying it for the results.

Using the botanically-based product, fuelled with minimal ingredients such as keratin, oats, corn, wheat, soy proteins and oat amino acids to regenerate our scalp and hair follicles, makes us feel like we’re being environmentally conscious about our choice. As for the formula’s blend of cocoa butter, coconut oil, meadowfoam seed oil, vitamin E, panthenol, white nettle flower and ginseng, well, we appreciate the volume and strength they infuse into our hair. The clary sage and lemongrass essential oils are beneficial too, helping us prevent hair loss and to restore a sense of calm to our scalp and to our mind, knowing we’re protecting our hair’s health.

All in all we’re happy with our choice. So much so that purchasing a few more items of the line are consistently on our to-do list.

The Hair Routine The Repair Treatment, $40, available online at

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