Product Of The Week: Schwarzkopf Professional Goodbye Orange Shampoo

Typically, we love the colour orange…just not in our hair. Remember how the Russian prostitute on Shameless referred to Ian Gallagher as “orange boy?” Shudder. Okay, so maybe his character did have red hair on the tv show but still. We do not and trust us when we say this, we do not want hints of orange start to seep through our hair colour. Not a good look.

Schwarzkopf Professional’s new Goodbye Orange Shampoo, a neutralizing bonding wash keeps orange and red undertones on medium brown to dark blonde hair at bay. By infusing pro salon industry know-how along with the combination of blue-greenish dyes into its formula, unwanted brassy orange and red tones are neutralized with every single wash. With its pH balance of 4.5, the formula also provides effective and long-lasting results, stretching out the lifespan of your latest hair salon-applied (or DIY’ed) hair colour. It also doubles as a hydrator, providing intensive TLC especially for darker hair tones that were bleached to better absorb a new and lighter looking hair shade.

Plus, the vegan and sulfate-free formula can safely be used twice a week. All you have to do is integrate the shampoo into your regular shower routine and then admire yourself in the mirror for weeks afterwards. Because this shampoo is just that good.

Schwarzkopf Professional Goodbye Orange from $19.95 available at hair salons.

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