Product Of The Week: Schwarzkopf BlondMe Blonde Wonders Dry Shampoo Foam

Dry shampoo foam. Dry. Foam. Say what? When we first read Schwarzkopf’s BlondMe label, Blonde Wonders Dry Foam, our first thought was: oxymoron. And then we tried it and discovered that it’s not.

Totally weightless (thank you, because we have fine hair that can’t handle a heavy coating of anything), the slightly texturizing formula actually adds volume to our hair. And, like any good dry shampoo, it absorbs our hair and scalp’s excess oil.  But not like your typical dry shampoo, this product is not a spray on but rather, like the name suggests, has a foam-based formula much like a hair mousse.

It’s easy to use too. All we have to do is shake the bottle, dispense a dime-size amount into our palms, rub our hands together and then apply the product to the roots of our hair, dragging the remaining formula across our entire head. Next, we tousle our hair with our hands, brush, style and go. There’s an added bonus as well, as we can also use the dry foam on our wet or damp hair on days when we want to rework our hairstyle with the blow dryer.

The product also boasts what the German brand calls a 3D Bonding Technology, which basically means that it helps close our hair’s cuticle, strengthening it and stabilizing it to decrease the potential for breakage. It protects our blonde colour too, keeping it feeling refreshed and looking revitalized. Plus, it’s pretty, subtle scent smells like we’ve just stepped out of the shower, even when we haven’t.

Schwarzkopf BlondMe Blonde Wonders Dry Shampoo Foam $27 for 300 ml, available at hair salons and online at

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