Product Of The Week: Raincry Scent, Advanced Hair Mist In “Blanc, Fleur du Serenity”

Is it a hair mist? Is it a perfume?

Okay, yes, we know that Raincry’s Advanced Hair Mist in “Blanc, Fleur du Serenity” scent is technically a hair product. Trust us, we’ve been misting it all over our hair for days. But it does make us wonder why something that smells this great can’t be spritzed, you know, in other places? Because we might be doing a little of that too…

Sure, we read the label. The liquid spray’s formulation is intended to recharge our limp locks with a much-needed boost of hydration and enriching amino acids and it does. But even on wash days we’ve been reaching for the bottle’s fresh blend of bright lily of the valley, sweet apple blossom, dreamy heliotrope and heady jasmine intermixed with crisp morning dew and soft rose. It just makes our hair (and décolletage and wrists and neck) smell so clean and inviting, which is of course, the point of the product.

It doesn’t mean we can’t interpret the application process however we like, though. So we may or may not have also been indulging in the line’s additional three scents, “Noir, Powdered Pomelo’s” fresh citrus and creamy caramel infusion; “Vert, Rose Dew Provence’s” warm and dewy rose petals; and “Brun, Amber & Oud’s” sensual and exotic blend. Each one fuels our locks with a soft manageability that enhances our hair’s health and style. It’s definitely luxurious enough to be labeled a parfum, even when we’re misting on our low-maintenance days.

Raunchy Scent Advanced Hair Mist in “Blanc, Fleur du Serenity”and in “Noir, Powdered Pomelo,” “Vert, Rose Dew Provence” and “Brun, Amber & Oud,” are $72 each, available online at

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