Product Of The Week: Quo Beauty Quick Drying Hair Set with Facial Roller

On a good day, all our skin needs is a thorough cleanse, a serum, a moisturizer and a SPF sunscreen to look clean, smooth and fresh. But when we’re tired, have had too many nights out in a row or enjoyed a glass of champers or two, we need the big guns to look and feel our best. It’s why we’ve given ourselves (thank you very much!) Quo Beauty’s new Quick Drying Hair Set with Facial Roller holiday gift set.

Not just a fun treat, the duo does the job we need and then some. For starters, the kit’s oversized scrunchie holds our long hair back and away from our face so we can roll our skin to perfection without any hairy distractions. It also decreases the amount of time we need to spend with our hair dryer, making it a real winner in our eyes.

As for the easy to use, gently restorative handheld facial roller, when we massage it across our forehead, cheeks, nose, under eyes, jaw and chin, it helps to stimulate our lymphatic system to decrease puffiness, ease tension and increase blood flow to give us an extra glow. Plus, it just feels good. So much so that when we told our favourite aesthetician, they concurred, saying facial rollers are excellent mood enhancers and de-stressors, and can assist in lowering our cortisol levels, which means we’ll have fewer fine lines and crow’s feet.

To reap the most rewards, we put our roller in the freezer 10 minutes ahead of our mirror time. After we take it out, we roll in upwards strokes across our face to get a chilled, sculpted effect. On days when our skin looks dull and dry, we roll it over top of our freshly moisturized skin to help lock the cream’s hydration into our epidermis and smooth away wrinkles. It only takes about five minutes too, even when we include our under chin and neck areas. And when we’re done, boy do we feel pampered.

Quo Beauty Quick Drying Hair Set with Facial Roller, $28, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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