Product Of The Week: Parlux Advance Light Hair Dryer And Melody Silencer

I have a friend (cough, Victoria, cough) who only washes her hair once a week. When she does, she blow-dries at night because the process takes two hours and even then, it’s still damp underneath at the back by her scalp. Her right arm is sore too, you know, from all the blow-drying.

I don’t feel sorry for her.

Not even a little bit.

Thick, long, luscious and shimmering, her blonde hair could be the prototype for all future female Disney movie characters. Maybe it already is. I mean, hello? Rapunzel in Tangledanyone? So while I was test-driving the new Parlux Advance Light blow dryer with its Melody Silencer, of course she popped into my brain.

For starters, the pros have been using the Italian brand in their salons for 40 years and counting and now we can have access, too. Then there’s the 1,875 watts and ceramic and ionic technology, which dried my fine and thin hair static- and frizz-free (despite my obsession with switching between the medium and maximum temperatures and the cooling button) in 10 minutes flat. It’s a good thing because, well, time management. But it’s also why I have no feels for my friend’s dilemma because, well, thick hair. That said, over the next 10 years I’ll get more than 3,000 blow dries with my dryer while she’ll get close to 800 for hers before it gets tossed in the blue bin thanks to it’s recyclable, eco-friendly parts.

But what I really like and think the two-hour blow-dry queen would also appreciate is the dryer’s three-metre cord (I wander around when I dry), heavy-duty durability (I accidentally dropped mine twice on the tile floor and not a ding in it’s bright fuchsia exterior), ergonomic design, light weight (about one lb) and compatibility with the attachable silencer (which thoughtfully reduces the dryer’s noise, letting me listen to and sing along with Cardi B.

Parlux Advance Light blow dryer (comes in nine colours), $345.99 and Melody Silencer, from $45, are available online at at Shop Your Space Salons and NP Group.

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