Product Of The Week: Nest Sicilian Tangerine Reed Diffuser

The feel-good, rejuvenating scent that makes Adriana Ermter’s home smell like happiness…

I routinely light a candle, burn some oil and/or spray a mist in my home. My end game is pretty straightforward; I want to create an amazing feel-good scent that lifts the mood, induces positive vibes and rejuvenates my surroundings. So when I smelled NESTSicilian Tangerine Reed Diffuser’s happy, tangy scent wafting through Nordstrom, while walking through the store, I stopped dead in my tracks and began sniffing the air like a bloodhound. I had to have it.

With its aroma of freshly peeled clementines mixed with juicy tangerine, tart bergamot and ripe mango and passion fruit, this home scent now has a place of permanence in my living room. It makes my brain feel happy, like it’s doing cartwheels and cheerleader jumps every time I breathe the happy scent in. Kind of like an olfactory Prozac, minus the prescription.

Bright and energizing, clean and invigorating, the fragrance is alcohol-free, too, and has a lighter and subtler impact than a candle or burning oil, which is great because I don’t want an overwhelming scent in my home. Plus, I appreciate how super low maintenance it is. The sleek, square glass bottle with its frosted opaque striped pattern blends into the décor on my bookshelf where it’s nestled. And all I had to do was unwrap the diffuser reeds, place them in the jar and enjoy its light and happy air-born vibes, which, according to the label, I should be enjoying for the next 90 days.

Nest Sicilian Tangerine Reed Diffuser, $57.95 at

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