Product Of The Week: Monat Chocolate Crave Body Scrub

New year, new you right? Meh. I’m not one for resolutions…although I do get pretty excited about a clear-cut goal and outlining the steps it will take to achieve it. (Nerd alert!) One of which is cutting sugar out of my diet.

It’s actually not that hard for me; I’m a hardcore chips girl. But don’t get me wrong I still need to satiate my sweet tooth from time to time. I’m just replacing my usual fix of Purdy’s milk chocolate Sweet Georgia Browns and Haagen Daz Cookie Dough ice cream with Monat Global’s Chocolate Crave Body Scrub.

While it smells decadently good enough to eat, I’m not. Clearly. Instead, I’m slathering the dark chocolate coloured and scented, gooey and gritty formula onto the Crave kit’s body loofah with the handy, dandy little spatula provided before rubbing it all over my body. It’s teeny tiny crushed cocoa and coconut shells gently buff away dirt, grime and dead skin cells (our bodies shed approximately 30,000 to 40,000 dead skin cells every minute), making me feel good and somehow reenergized. Everything rinses off really easily too, without any clingy sticky bits, so I’m not spending more time in the shower than I need to. And my body’s much smoother when I’m done.

Plus, when I step out of the shower, I don’t have to use body lotion because the exfoliant’s blend of cocoa butter, extract and oil not only smell delish, they hydrate and nourish my skin so that it’s supple and soft to the touch. When you think about it, not making a resolution to not eat sugar is having some pretty sweet perks, minus the calories.

Monat Global, Chocolate Crave Body Scrub, from $51, available online at


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