Product Of The Week: Magicstripes Hand Repairing Gloves

I’m super fussy about hand cream. Translation: I don’t really like it.

For a beauty editor, my opinion is abnormal, especially when I add that the sentiment crosses over into body cream territory, but that’s a story for another day. See, for me hand cream feels greasy or sticky or both and it makes me get all squirmy and have to wash the product off, which is wasteful. So it’s rare that I find a hand cream I like, but when I do I typically don’t stray. That is unless curiosity gets the better of me (and it usually does), and I end up tearing into a package containing three Magicstripes Hand Repairing Glovesand try them on.

The equivalent to say, a sheet mask, these one-time-use disposable gloves are a very cool and innovative approach to hand care. Saturated in hydrating, soothing and youth-inducing ingredients, they’re the modern day version of your grandma’s Crisco-slathered hands covered in a sock hack.

The gloves are a waaay easier route to go and thankfully, don’t include the grease factor. Instead, their formulation contains Rosa Rugosa leaf extract to cleanse (although for best results it’s recommended to wash and dry your dirty little mitts before sticking them into the gloves, you know, for hygiene), and tighten your skin. Vitamins C and E boost collagen to help keep your hands looking plump and to protect them from pollution, grime and premature aging. Hydrolyzed collagen adds extra oomph in the youth department by smoothing fine lines away, while shea butter and olive oil add much needed moisture.

Probably my favourite part of all is that wearing the gloves gives me a valid excuse to turn on Neltflix and watch an episode of Homeland(yes, I’m behind). You only need 20 to 30 minutes for them to work their magic, but I go the full 45 of my program, letting the gloves transform my dry wrinkly pair into something worth bejewelling once I turn off the tv, ditch the gloves and wash the solution off.

Magicstripes Hand Repairing Gloves, $48 for a box of three pairs, available online at

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