Product Of The Week: Laline Olive & Babassu Botanical Body Serum

Face serum we know. We rub it in, we layer it on with our facial lotions and creams and we love the soft, smoothing effects it has on our skin. Body serum? Well, that’s somewhat new territory for most us, although it does have the same concept, purpose and application as its facial counterparts. So obviously, we’re in. And now that we’ve started, it has become a daily ritual that has us reaching for quality botanical options like, Laline Olive & Babassu’s Botanical Body Serum.

This shimmery, sheer serum is loaded with botanical oils including super hydrating and nourishing olive, babassu (a vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of babassu palms indigenous to South America) and avocado oils. Combined, these oils help boost our skin’s wellbeing with their healthy fats and antioxidants, while an infusion of ginger, green tea and aloe vera extracts give the serum and our legs, arms, chest and more, smoothing and illuminating benefits.

Applied onto our clean skin, the serum absorbs quickly and easily without feeling greasy or sticky. And like some of our facial serums, it’s meant to be worn beneath our favourite body cream for maximum moisture. We love that we can still see the serum’s pearlescent effect gleaming on our body afterwards. Better still, we know it’s going to look even better once the weather warms up, we ditch our winter clothes and bare our now luminous legs on our walks outside.

Laline Olive & Babassu Botanical Body Serum, $30, available online at





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