Product Of The Week: KMS AddPower Thickening Spray

I know all the thick-haired girls are too busy holding up their manes so stylists can shave away the underneath parts so can’t relate, but for the rest of us there are few things more satisfying than having a head full of thick hair. Even if you have to spray in it with KMS AddPower Thickening Spray, like I do.

To be clear, this genie in a bottle only grants the wish of thicker looking and feeling hair. It can’t grow your hair longer. (I’ll let you know when that particular formula has been discovered and bottled.) But it works and if I say so myself, the end results look pretty great.

Made from rice protein to strengthen and thicken, organic white tea extract to create a lightweight look and feel and polyquarternium-68 for flexibility, the formula works best when sprayed onto clean, towel-dried hair. It’s fast too. Just a couple of quick hits at my roots and then two or three more throughout the midsection. I tend to either massage the misting in or brush it through my hair to make sure I’m covering as much of my locks as possible.

After application, I like to blow dry my hair into it’s long, layered style using a roller brush and then, a few Velcro rollers for added lift. The Thickening Spray protects it from up to 200 degrees C heat and styling damage, so I don’t have to worry about dehydrating or breaking my hair. Trust me, this is one styling product that’s giving me more good hair tossing days and that is always a big, fat, thick bonus.

KMS AddPower Thickening Spray, $24, available at hair salons across Canada.

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