Product Of The Week: Joico Defy Damage Hair Collection

I’ve never been a hair model. Oh wait, that’s a lie. Once I was, when I was 19 and I was dating my much older stylist who had just cropped my shoulder-length mop into a short and sassy Vidal Sassoon-style bob. Sure I was cute back then, but I’m fairly certain I walked that particular runway courtesy of the dating rules. You know, when your man thinks you’re the cat’s meow and you don’t contradict him so things happen that normally wouldn’t.

In full transparency, I don’t have Sofia Vergara, Constance Wu or Blake Lively’s thick and flowing model-worthy hair for the job. But I can achieve shiny-looking and healthy-feeling hair every time I use Joico’s new Defy Damage haircare collection. (Proof is in the Instagram! @AdrianaErmter.)

This is a bit of an anomaly for me. Typically, “healing,” “deep conditioning,” hair “repair” products don’t work, at least not on my hair. Their heavy formulations weigh my thin and fine strands down, leaving it limp and lifeless. And it’s not my best look. But Joico’s Protective Shampoo is gentle and sulphate-free, so while it removes dirt, hair product build up from dry shampoo (I use it virtually every day), mousse, styling cream and hairspray (okay, I use them every day too) and excess oil, it doesn’t lift or break my hair cuticle or strip away my *cough,* natural, *cough,* blonde highlights.

The Protective Conditioner and Masque are great too, working double time to repair my hair from all of the swimming, ponytail wearing, not brushing/over brushing damage I continually inflict on it without so much as sending a sympathy card, while the Protective Shield spray helps seal my hair’s cuticle to avoid frying it during my daily blow-dry sessions. Plus, there’s the softness and shine. All of the products in the collection make my hair easy to run my fingers through and leave it glimmering shiny and new like in the mirror. Which I have to say has been very good for my inner wanna-be supermodel. I’ll be doing a lot of hair tossing and flicking in RL.

Joico Damage Defy Protective Haircare Collection, from approximately $25 each, is available now at select hair salons.

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