Product Of The Week: I Love Cosmetics Wellness De-Stress Shower Burst

Mariah might just want you (we’re 99 per cent sure she means Nick, oops we mean James, no wait Bryan) for Christmas, but all we want is the I Love Cosmetics’ Wellness De-Sress Shower Burst body wash.

Especially after we’ve made a list. Shopped it. Wrapped it. Packed it. Waited the lines in the airport. Squished into our plane seat for a solid four hour. Helped mom bake Gramma’s marzipan recipe. Roll, roll, rolled the dough. Slept on a hard pullout couch in our sister’s living room. Woken up at one, then two am when the teens stumbled home. Talked and talked with relatives. Ate too much. Drank too little…water, that is. And laughed and loved until our stomach hurt. Although that might have also been the batch of shortbread cookies we devoured.

Thankfully, every morning (and let’s face it, some nights too), I Love Cosmetics’ Wellness De-Stress Shower Burst’s blend of natural lemongrass, rosemary and eucalyptus essential oils mix-mastered with petitgrain oil for an extra dose of Zen, ease away the crazy that is the holidays and replace it with the calm we covet. With its hit of vitamin E and aloe vera extract, we’re also leaving the shower feeling soothed and recharged and our skin is super soft and hydrated too.

Rich and foamy, the gel is 99 per cent naturally derived, plant based and vegan friendly. Plus, it’s UK-made bottle is crafted from 100 per cent recycled materials, so there’s that. And, should we want to perpetuate our feel-good vibe (pretty sure we do), we’re adding De-Stress’ Body Scrub ($16.99 for 250 ml) and Hand & Body Lotion ($16.99 for 500 ml) to our must-have list.

I Love Cosmetics Wellness De-Stress Shower Burst, $15.99 for 500 ml, available at Shoppers Drug Mart

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