Getting the English Rose Beauty Look

Smoky, dramatic eyes may be timeless, but when it comes to springtime beauty, there’s something to be said for a rosy, fresh-faced look that channels the rejuvenation of spring. So naturally, we’ve got your go-to guide for a post-winter glow “ otherwise known as your answer to embracing the look of the English Rose without moving across the pond. 

Eye Shadow

When it comes to lighter eyes, it’s important to remember that just because your shadow isn’t smoky, you should throw the rulebook out the window. If you’re hoping to channel the fresh-faced feminine look of springtime, substitute a dark brown or near-black shade for a reddish alternative, applying to the crease of the eyelid, then blending with a pink or light red shadow. Underneath the eye, apply the same light shade, making sure to blend it just enough to keep it looking relatively natural.

But remember that because you’re channeling a look au natural doesn’t mean you’ve got to opt out of liner. However, while you can use the classic back, you can also choose a brown pencil and apply to the lash line, swooping out at the ends to add a bit of drama, but to also let the eyes stand out on their own.


Perhaps the most important part of the English rose aesthetic, rosy cheeks are essential in creating a healthy, fresh-faced look that defines the ultra-feminine vibe. However, where a borderline streaky application has helped define the angular, severe aesthetic of some SS 2011 shows, the naturally inspired cheeks should be blended perfectly, with blush being applied from the ear toward the nose in order to highlight cheekbones. And don’t fear the pink: while you may turn red in moments of actual blushing, a pinker palette is what sets the springtime look apart.


Though not everyone deals with bags and dark circles, to keep such your springtime look fresh, it’s important to use an iridescent complexion enhancer under eyes to maintain a bright palette and to create highlights. Especially because red and brown shadows can make eyes seem deep-set or dark, an enhancer will prevent you from looking tired or drab, and instead make your eyes shine.


While under most circumstances a bold lip would balance such a natural palette, the English rose look calls for a light pink gloss that simply amps up the girly-ness. Like Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club (after all, everything old is new again), use a shade close to the pink eye shadow or even the blush to help tie the overall look together and to showcase the vibrancy of spring.


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