Product Of The Week: Flamingo Women’s 5-Blade Razor

If it gets the job done, a razor is a razor is a razor, right? Well… not always. Especially if it’s Flamingo’s 5-blade version and comes with a handy-dandy shower holder to stick on the wall and a sassy tagline on the package that says, “women are strong, smart, beautiful, funny and hairy.”

Because we ARE all those things, including being very hairy, which we are right now. Actually, to be exact, we were until about 20 minutes ago. You know, with COVID keeping us indoors and all, lets just say we became a tad too comfortable in our skin and leg hair. But, a few easy strokes with this lightweight baby and its ergonomic handle changed all of that and now our legs from thigh to toe (yes, we shave the tops of our toes. They’re hairy, too), are buttery soft even in the hard to reach unless you’re a Cirque du Soleil performer spots, like behind the knees and around the ankle bone. Oh and the tops of the toes can be fussy too. The blade’s flexible hinge and hydrating aloe strip though, helped get us everywhere and without a nick.

Plus we like how the razor’s “Taro & Rose Gold” colour matches our bathroom décor. We thought about the fresh-looking green “Mint & Gold” version, almost went for the pretty pink “Desert Rose & Silver,” (come on! It’s pink! Pink. Flamingos. Get it?), and we paused on the flirty coral-hued “Pomelo & Silver,” opting for the crisp and classic white colour, instead. So while admittedly it was the Flamingo name and it’s quirky appeal that initially had us drag and drop the razor into our shopping cart, we’re now sold on it’s award-winning performance, extra five-blade cartridge and are even, cough, possibly, cough, considering using it on all our hairy body parts.

Flamingo Womens 5-blade Razor with Replacement Blade Cartridge in “Taro & Rose Gold,” and in “Mint & Gold,” “Desert Rose & Silver,” and “Pomelo & Silver,” $12.97 each, available online at

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