Product Of The Week: Dove Glow Recharge Body Wash

Serum in our body wash? Yes, please. We’re dry and scaly, our body is trapped beneath layers of wool and flannel, and we truly don’t know when we’ll ever see and feel sunlight and warmth again. Okay, we’re being dramatic. We know that springtime and friendlier temperatures are just a few months away, but still. We need a pick-us-up product now.

Dove’s new Glow Recharge Body Wash is it.

Basically, it’s like face care has met body care for an intense double whammy of goodness and boy, are we grateful. The wash’s formula is fueled with active ingredients typically only found in facial serums, so you know that’s a big plus. And on first whiff, it’s citrus-fresh scent energizes our senses too.

A three per cent infusion of brightening serum enhanced with vitamin C—a potent antioxidant found in citrus fruits—helps to eliminate dullness, reduce dark spots, prevent aging, and give our body’s skin a firmer look and feel. It also helps protect our skin from free radicals like pollution, stress and dirt and grime, making it healthier and stronger. So, you know we’re down with that because we will, eventually, when the snow melts and the leaves start growing on trees again, want to bare our limbs.

Factor in Dove’s always present non-soap approach to cleansing, we know that after we’ve lathered this liquid wash all over and rinsed it off in the shower, that we’ll be walking into our day with smooth, soft and hydrated skin. That glows.

Dove Glow Recharge Body Wash, $9.99 for 18.5 oz, available at Shoppers Drug Mart.

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