How to Hide Your Tattoo with Makeup

Even those of us who love our tattoos occasionally need to cover them up. Whether you need to hide your tattoo for a formal function, a big job interview, or a visit with family who may not approve, it all comes down to the right products to conceal your body art. If clothing isn’t enough to hide your tattoo, try these easy steps to get a makeup fix, fast!

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start the concealing process:

1. Street foundations and concealers, aka the ones you use to hide under-eye dark circles and blemishes aren’t the same types of products you should be using to cover your tattoo. They’re not going to give you the full and lasting coverage like a specialty product will “ so don’t be upset when you have to shell out a little bit more moolah to get the best coverage.

2. Some great heavy-duty concealers are available on the market, for example Dermablend and Ben Nye Concealer Palette. These concealers are the same products that television and film makeup artists use to cover actors’ tattoos or other permanent marks (such as veins, or scars).

3. You want to choose a product that is completely opaque, heavy and creamy “ not one that says liquid-to-powder.

4. Any foundation that says sheer or light will not do the trick “ most tattoos have a blue-based ink, therefore a yellow concealer will help hide the blue tones in your tattoos.

5. Choose a concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. If necessary, buy several shades and mix them to find your perfect match.

Now that you’ve got the right product, follow these steps by celebrity makeup artist, Glenn Marziali, and your tattoo will be covered in no time:

1. Swipe your tattoo with toner
Makeup adheres and blends better to oil-free skin.

2. Cover your tattoo with concealer
Make sure to use a concealer brush. The brush deposits a more concentrated layer of the product than fingers do. If you are applying several coats, make sure you allow for each coat to dry before reapplying another coat.

3. Dab the edges with a damp makeup sponge 
This will help erase the obvious concealer lines, and it’ll help blend them into your skin.

4. Mist a spray-on foundation over the concealed area in circular motions
Applying this ultrafine foundation adds an extra layer of tattoo coverage, without looking cakey.

5. Now you’ll need to set the makeup in place
You can do this using a translucent powder. Swipe the powder back and forth using a fluffy powder brush. and voilé  you’re finished!

The last step is to test your perfect makeup job. Gently wipe a cotton swab or piece of tissue across the surface, and hopefully, with your fantastic makeup skills, nothing will smudge! You should also test your work in different types of light: if you’ll be in bright light, obviously you’ll need a lot heavier coverage than if you’ll be in dim light.

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    It’s good to know that it all comes down to using the right products to hide your unwanted tattoos. My daughter is getting married soon and has a tattoo that she isn’t proud of on her should. I’ll pass this information along to her so she can get it covered up before the big day.

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