Product Of The Week: Design.Me Gloss Me

In honour of 420 and Canada welcoming Mary-Jane into the family, I’ve been doing my part by dabbing a little Design.Me Gloss Me into my hair. Okay, so spoiler alert, it’s not going to take me or my hair higher, but it is taming my humidity-induced frizz, while hydrating it and making it shiny.

Just don’t get too excited and go thinking that Gloss Me can pull a little double-duty action for you, as well. Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Because it can’t. Yes, the serum is infused with cannabis sativa, but that’s not the dude-saying or munchies-inducing THC component of weed.

Cannabis sativa (a.k.a: hemp oil), is what you get when you squish (not roll), the hemp plant’s seeds. It’s an amazing emollient for your hair and skin replete with vitamin E, omega fatty and gamma linolenic acids. Mix-master it into smoothing argan and nourishing monringa seed oils and you’ve got a near-perfect hair elixir. Plus it’s 100 per cent vegan and sulfate, salt, paraben, gluten and cruelty-free.

That said it is highly addictive. A dollop of this serum glosses up my thin, flat, bo-r-ing hair giving it a luminous shine I love. But I’m careful to not over use it. Too much es no bueno for limp and frizzy-haired girls like me. Yet, if you have medium to coarse hair, that’s thick or curly, feel free to use as much serum as you like. In your hair, though people. Only and always in your hair.

Design.Me Gloss Me, $22, available online at

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