Product Of The Week: Cocoon Apothecary Bar Soap In “May Chang”

Over the past six months, hand washing has felt like a second job. Wait. Make that our only job. So we’ve been switching up our hand soaps, you know, from liquid and foamy with light floral scents to bar soaps with a rejuvenating citrus vibe, like Cocoon Apothecary’s Bar Soap in “May Chang.”

It’s awesome. Not just because the company is homegrown Canadian and the soap is plant-based with environmentally friendly packaging, but because it smells really, really good. Like freshly cut lemongrass spritzed with a hint of sweet fruit punch. It lasts too, both the crisp fresh scent on our skin and the actual bar in the shower, the latter, for at least a couple of months.

Along with the fragrant may chang essential oil, the bar’s hydrating sudsy formula also includes olive, sweet almond and coconut oils; shea butter; and stearic acid. The overall effect is a good, too. It doesn’t dry our hands out or leave them with a sticky film. And eventually, when we want to mix things up again, we got options with the Kitchener, Ontario-based brand’s four additional bar soap scents in “Patchouli,” “Peppermint,” “Lavandin” and “Coffee Scrub.”

Because we’re pretty sure hand washing more times than we can count each day is a habit that’s not going anywhere ever again.

Cocoon Apothecary Bar Soap in “May Chang” and “Patchouli,” “Peppermint,” “Lavandin” and “Coffee Scrub,”  $9.50 each, available online at

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