Product Of The Week: Caryl Baker Visage Volumizing Brow Tint

I want to micro-blade my eyebrows so, so badly. More than I want to Botox away my crow’s feet. But I’ve got the fear. You know, the irrational, niggling voice in my head that whispers things like: what if the microblade slips and I end up with a huge scar or what if the colour doesn’t come out right and I have to walk around with weird looking brows for the next three years, because that’s the standard amount of time it takes for the tiny tattoo-like strokes of ink-shaped hairs to fade.

So instead of going for it and having low maintenance brows, I continue to slowly and methodically fill mine in with makeup. Every. Single. Morning. It’s a love/hate thing. I love the end results (because I covet thick, dark brows. Plus, I’ve become very good at drawing mine on), but I loathe having to do it. Recently though, the process has been much easier.

Two weeks ago I started using Caryl Baker Visage Volumizing Brow Tint in the “Brunette” colour (it also comes in “Blonde” and “Deep Brunette” shades).  I didn’t think I’d like it because even though I’m a blonde I typically use black on my brows. But this was the shade that was recommended to me and I have to admit it is spot on. And I would know. For more than two decades I’ve filled in the blanks with what feels like every eyebrow pencil, powder, gel and DIY tint on the planet. Some I’ve liked, others not so much. But this little tube of tinted gel is a gem.

The teeny tiny wand reminds me of a very basic mascara wand, but Barbie size and the tube it lives in, again like mascara, is filled with the tinted formula. Obviously this makes the gel super easy to apply. Just pull the wand out and brush it along your brows. I like to scrape the edge of the wand against the inner rim of the tube to eliminate some of the product for better distribution control when I brush the gel on. Then I run the wand along my arches in the same direction that my hair grows in so that it looks more natural. I can apply it faster than any other product I’ve ever used too, which is awesome and so are my brows when I’m done. Ironically, Caryl Baker Visage also offers microblading services, but I’ll keep you posted. Need to release the fear first.

Caryl Baker Visage Volumizing Brow Tint is $29, available online at

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