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We have a lot of lipstick. Like, maybe five rattling around in our daytime purse, another two in our backpack, one in the glove compartment in the car, a couple in coat pockets and about 12 more underneath the sink in the bathroom. Not counting the two red ones for fancy events or the handful of nude hues we could never quite pull off or the ’90s throwback brown and the we’re-pretending-to-be-in-the-south-of-France coral, they all seem to share the same berry/wine/fuchsia colour palette, which clearly we love. And yet, none have been worn to the bottom, because none have truly hit our beauty mark.

BITE Beauty’s Lip Lab changed that for us. We now have the perfect “nude” berry hue that we named “Belle,” after Trixie-Belle our spoiled rescue cat. It contains just the right amount of rosy, berry, brown pigment, the sheer formula we love and a hint of decadent and tasty coconut. Plus, we never have to worry about it being discontinued. We’ve got the recipe, because “Belle” was made bespoke for us. And we did it all online.

The Canadian beauty brand has leveled up, offering 100 per cent vegan, clean, gluten and cruelty-free products AND the option to have a personalized lipstick-making session online, should you wish to postpone or not have access to a store to schedule an in-person one. Virtually visiting the coveted Lip Lab is as easy as booking an appointment online (you can even invite three of your besties to join you), logging onto your laptop, smart phone or tablet and clicking the link to your appointment, then working with a live BITE Beauty Lab Specialist to mix-master your way towards creating the perfect shade or two.

Once the makeup party begins, you get to decide on how pretty in pink (or purple or blue or red or…) you want your lipstick to be; whether you prefer a matte, satin, luminous or sheer finish; the fruity, floral or fresh flavour you like best and what name and font style you’d like your lippy’s magnetic cap to be engraved with. If you’re anything like us, you won’t want to stop there. We created a second, new favourite hue in a fuchsia colour with a satin finish and old-school violet floral flavour we named “Trixie.” We even held our lipstick’s namesake up to the computer screen for everyone to see. Then, after the fun was over, we simply waited (not patiently!) for about 48-hours until our bespoke lipsticks arrived. We haven’t stopped swiping since.

All of our other lipsticks feel very left out.

BITE Beauty Lip Lab Clean Custom Lipstick in a bespoke shade, $75 for one, $150 for two plus a lip care kit, both include the live, online experience with a BITE Beauty Lip Lab expert, available at across Canada.

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