Product Of The Week: Benefit Cosmetics Brow Microfilling Pen In “Deep Brown”

Growing up, our mother was obsessed with us being perfect-looking and behaving children, so it’s kind of ironic how clueless she was about what we needed to look and feel beautiful. Like, having eyebrows you can actually see…

Naturally, that’s made us lifelong suckers for every type of eyebrow makeup we can get our hands on, including Benefit Cosmetics’ new Brow Microfilling Pen. We glanced at the San Francisco brand’s “Blonde,” “Light Brown” and “Medium Brown” shades when they launched earlier this month, but couldn’t get our hands on the line’s darkest option, “Deep Brown” fast enough. When it comes to our golden arches we go big or stay home.

We’re pretty sure Benefit agrees, since you don’t gain a multi-decade reputation as eyebrow gurus without packing a little weight behind your punch. And boy does this pen confirm that, giving our face the oomph it needs and for like 24-hours, too, without ever having to worry about smudging or wear and tear.

The pen’s three-pronged approach also adds ultra-fine and smooth-looking hair-like strokes to our existing eyebrows. This definitely soothes and solves our nervous fears of going the micro-blading route, so we love that. Plus, it’s easy to swipe on and fills in our finer areas, leaving an overall impression that we’ve got more and darker brow hair than we actually do, which is always our end game. Sure, we could brush on a more natural-look with the “Blonde” or even the “Light Brown” colours, but why? We’re making up for our Casper-like childhood. Our brow goals are big.

Benefit Cosmetics, Brow Microfilling Pen in “Medium Brown” and “Blonde,” “Light Brown” and “Medium Brown,” $33 each, available online at



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