Product Of The Week: Annabelle Enlighten Highlight Drops

I’m not Gen Z so I won’t even try to pretend I spend my mirror time applying full facial coverage complete with contoured cheekbones. I would look better if I did, for sure, but it takes longer than five minutes to do it properly and the lighting in my bathroom makes putting on the even right amount of blush tricky let alone multiple hues of foundation so…

I am using Annabelle Enlighten Highlight Drops though.

It’s easy. Adds a nice warm glow to the parts of my face I want to look radiant without an over the top greasy shine. In fact, the pigmented drops are oil and paraben-free, so I only get the iridescence where I want it.

Most mornings, I apply it with my fingertips, although I get a sheerer effect when I blend it along my cheekbones and under the outer half of my eyebrows with a small, full makeup brush. My teenage niece uses hers on the inside section of her eyes and along the bridge of her nose before she and her friends take pictures of each other, but I haven’t tried that yet; the nose highlighting or the post-highlighting selfie taking.

Sometimes when I’m feeling blah and my skin matches my emotions, I will rub a little extra onto my eyelids like a cream eyeshadow and on the centre of my mouth to perk things up. Not in the same shade of course. Rose Gold for the lips and Champagne for the rest of my face. That said, I can’t wait to bust out the Bronze shade once it warms up outside and I will eventually try dabbing the White Gold on my eyes. I’ll Facetime my niece for that one and maybe, possibly ask my neighbours to take a picture of the end result, but we’ll see.

Annabelle Enlighten Highlight Drops in Rose Gold, White Gold, Bronze and Champagne, $8.95 each, available online at

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