Product Of The Week: Alterna My Hair My Canvas Meltaway No-rinse Micellar Cleanser

Meltaway? We’re actually kind of blown away. When we first read the label on Alterna My Hair My Canvas’ new No-rinse Micellar Cleanser it seemed a little counterintuitive, to be honest. Like, who actually rubs a wet and creamy formulation into their hair and then expects dry shampoo-like results? Except it works. It actually really works.

Made with vegan botanical caviar and white charcoal, along with water, tapioca starch, glycerin, citric acid, hydrolyzed pea protein and more, its shampoo-looking, wet formula literally smoothes onto our hair before drying into a powder finish. And in the process, it cleans it, absorbing and removing oil and dirt without us having to step foot in the shower. Which is perfect for days when we just can’t be bothered.

It dries quickly too, while keeping our hair smooth, hydrated and radiant with better style than before we rubbed it in. All we have to do is brush and go. There’s no greasy or sticky residue either. And again, who would have thought. But it’s true. Additionally, it helps protect against pollutants from the environment, sun and well, pollution. We do live in the city, so all are great benefits. So when we say we’re blown away, it’s because we are. We’ve got the salon-like blow out to prove it.

Alterna My Hair My Canvas Meltaway No-rinse Micellar Cleanser $32, available at Sephora.

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