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You may have perfectly well behaved hair (and for that, we curse you), but even the most volumous curls call for something more than just hairspray and a walk out the door. Luckily, there’s no shortage of hair accessories for winter 2010, but in case you’re a confused or slightly overwhelmed, we’re here to lend a helping hand.

Despite the fact that Blair Waldorf’s moved on from her spot on the steps, her polished look has transcended many trends of the late 2000s “ including the wide world of headbands we so often acquaint her with. Like the queen of the Upper East Side herself, you can use a headband to complete an outfit, or you can make it the focal point entirely.

Embellished elastic-based bands are perfect for putting the finishing touches on an otherwise safe aesthetic, while a sold slip-on band helps complete any outfit in need of accessorizing. Bangs work best with an old-fashioned shape, while an elastic works perfectly with an updo to add a little multi-dimension.

Hair Clip
If your bobby pins are going to be seen regardless, you might as well divert attention away through a hair clip. Embellished with feathers, sequins or an eye-catching fabric, any hairstyle can be upgraded by the focal point literally holding it together. Pile your hair to one side and fasten with a vintage clip (adorned with pearls or a print) at the bottom for a look more refined, or use a sequined piece on loose hair for a retro 40s vibe. And as long as you stay away from 1998’s butterfly clips, nearly any style goes.

Your first reaction may have been to scoff and to quote that infamous Sex and the City episode, but scrunchies have returned and put the rules of 2005 to shame. Channeling the look of the mid-1990s, scrunchies have come a long way from the matching fabric accessories meant to make an outfit, and instead work to pull one together.

By using a scrunchie to finish off a side swept French braid or to cap off a high ponytail, you can add kitsch to a look that otherwise lacks character. Since street fashion often calls for the aesthetic of Clarissa Explains It All, you can pile your hair in a top bun and fasten it with a scrunchie, thus boasting a disheveled look that’s perfect for an afternoon spent errand-running.

Like the starlets of Old Hollywood or the trendsetters of the 1970s, comb accessories have returned to keep your hair back in an elastic and pin-free way. Ideal for loose waves or a retro French twist, use them to sweep hair off to the side or to secure an updo, thus capping off a look that may otherwise lack character. And while a comb piece may seen a shoddy substitute for other hair fasteners, its sturdiness is impressive, providing substance to a style without the damage of metal, rubber or accessory overload.

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