Prep Your Skin For Fall

Complexions on the Fall 2010 runway were starkly clean and minimal “ beautiful in theory but tough to master for a woman without a team of facialists and makeup artists at her disposal. Without a generous helping of bronzer, blush, or a lingering summer tan to hide behind, how’s a girl to put her best face forward? We tell you how to get your complexion ready for fall makeup minimalism.

Exfoliate with care

Exfoliation is the key to removing dead skin cells and letting your skin shine. Just don’t get too carried away “ rather than using a hard, granular exfoliant (which can actually create tiny tears in your skin), opt for a chemical exfoliant instead, with fruit enzymes or hydroxy acids. And make sure to follow instructions to avoid overtaxing your skin “ if the product says to use once a week, don’t think that three times a week must be better.

Even things out

Invest in a product that will help reduce hyperpigmentation (also known as sun spots or age spots), and you won’t have to slather on so much foundation to get a clean canvas. There are tons of options out there, but we like products with high concentrations of Vitamin C (often listed as ascorbic acid). And continue to use that sunscreen religiously to keep your skin tone as even as possible.

Go prime time

Another way to reduce the amount of makeup you need is to use a primer. Give it a few minutes to set before you start applying your base, and you’ll find that tiny dots of product will get the job done (plus, your makeup will actually stay in place without as many touch-ups). Look for a primer that’s tailored to your skin type, whether it’s oily, dry, or prone to redness.

Slow and steady

You might be surprised to find that if you take your time, you don’t need as much makeup as you usually slap on. Slowly add thin layers of foundation or concealer only to the areas of the face that actually need it, and you’ll score that invisible makeup look. Slowing down a bit will also give you time to experiment with different shades of concealer to tackle different issues. For example, you may find that a slightly darker shade works best to mask undereye circles. Use small makeup brushes for the most precise application.

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