Plastic Surgery Trends for Young Women

Popular TV shows like Vanity Insanity and the new Bridalplasty where brides to compete to have plastic surgery before their wedding day have shown just how far people will go to achieve their ideal of physical perfection. But such extremes are often unnecessary and sometimes dangerous trying to create an image that popular culture sets as the standard for beauty.

What drives hundreds of thousands of young people each year to the plastic surgeon’s office seeking artificial beauty? The huge contributing factor is that the Hollywood trend has spilled over into everywhere North America. Women especially are having elective procedures at an alarming rate simply for vanity’s sake. Their desire to have Angelina’s lips, Jennifer Aniston’s nose or J-Lo’s butt has bolstered an already lucrative industry into the multi-millions of dollars annually.

As women we strive for ‘the perfect body’. We exercise, diet, have facials, pluck and pedicure in order to look our best. We want to feel confident when we walk out the front door and enjoy an ego boost when that super cute guy gives us that second lingering look. Although It may sound trite or cliche, true beauty does come from within.

Let’s be honest – the average North America woman wears a size 12. So don’t feel the need to liposuction your way down to a 6. You’ve set yourself up to attain the unrealistic. Since the 1980s, the plethora of beauty magazine and supermodels cropped and airbrushed to unrealistic perfection, has led young women to seek many of these unrealistic body images. It’s completely understandable for a woman with a deviated septum or a breast cancer survivor to feel the need to cosmetically correct or enhance the ravages of illness and disease. But if what you seek is Gisele Bundchen’s posterior forget it, Mother Nature gave her those particular measurements so embrace what she’s given you.  How many actresses have we seen with no facial expression thanks to Botox or looking like they might tip over because all the collagen injected in their lips?! If you don’t have a cleft or palette, your pout is perfect. 

The adverse affect on psyche and self esteem has led to more and more young women having unnecessary and often risky cosmetic procedures. Part of the danger lies with doctors who put money before ethics. For those who agree to perform these ‘vanity’ procedures are they giving appropriate counsel to potential patients warning of the possible risks as well as the benefits of surgery? 

So what are these possible health dangers or adverse effects? Many women don’t realize that plastic surgery is major surgery. As with any major surgery risks include heart attack, stroke and blood clots. Also consider the recovery time and possible loss of income. But if you are determined to get some work done make sure you do your homework. Research the doctor, check his surgical credentials, visit his practice, talk to previous patients and find out their experiences. When it comes to your health you must be your own advocate.

Don’t forget many of Hollywood’s elite have had their own nip-tuck to keep them looking young and ‘flawless’. Why try to emulate real results from a fake original? Save your money to purchase your dream home or take that once in a lifetime vacation. Life is way too short to spend it striving to attain the superficial. If you’ve been eyeing that new Marc Jacobs handbag or Christian Louboutin stilettos, go for it. But as for going under the knife, unless it’s medically necessary or in some way adversely affects your life, just be yourself. Embracing who we are with confidence and high self-esteem will make us beautiful in the eyes of others.  

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