Pamper Yourself On The Cheap

Not that you aren’t important and don’t need to indulge once in a while. But if you like to be pampered (and honestly “ who doesn’t?), it can happen that much more when you find the less expensive route.

Love a latte?
Buy yourself a stovetop espresso maker and a handheld frother. Your kitchen is infused with the smell of rich espresso coffee and the bubbling sounds alone make your mouth water. Use the frother on a smidgen of hot milk then pour in the rest. You can even make your own leaf design. You don’t have to wait for someone to vacate a seat “ your couch awaits. You even get to pick the music (or silence) as you sip and indulge.

Do your own pedi.
Pour yourself into a hot bath (or cold one if the weather is sticky) and massage your cuticles down. Pick from your own array of polishes bathside. Once you are out of the tub, put your feet up and make your toes pretty. It is so easy and simple, and ten minutes later, you have the satisfaction of creating those ten glorious colourful toes. Plus you didn’t have to get dressed.

Shop until you don’t drop.
On-line shopping is THE way to treat yourself to a little retail therapy, as they say. Book reader? Shoe lover? Music devotee? There are so many used book and cd and music downloading sites as well as shoe stores on-line that the possibilities are almost endless. It is true that Canadian shoppers may have to deal with higher shipping rates on some sites. But the selection available now is considerable compared to years ago. Big time clothing stores now offer free shipping and there are always on-line exclusives. And always check in on reliable sites like Ebay and Etsy for something unique and one-of-a-kind. Sip your latte on-line without waiting in line. Icing on the cake? The deals are amazing.

A final quick one
Have ten minutes? Half an hour? Nap. It does wonders for the skin, the body, the mind, the soul.   

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