Oscars Makeup 2010: Our Favourite Faces!

Oh, what a night! Forget who was wearing what on the red carpet”we’re more interested in what makeup the leading ladies were sporting. From lush lashes, to bright lips and flushed cheeks, we’ve got the best looks and makeup trends of the evening.

Luscious Lashes

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire”and Amanda Seyfried, Demi Moore and Kristen Stewart were burning up the red carpet with their smoky eyes and lush lashes. Miley Cyrus looked equally adorable with her ultra-long lashes and tousled updo. Paired with glowing skin and a hint of soft colour at the lips, their eyes were center stage.

Pretty in Pink

Our definite favorite had to be the hot pink lips on Sandra Bullock, Vera Farmiga and Maggie Gyllenhaal. We love how the pink offset Farmiga and Gyllenhaal’s eyes and Bullock’s glossy, dark hair. Bold and beautiful, these gorgeous gals used a pop of colour to stand out from the crowd.

2010 Oscar Makeup Sandra Bullock

Image Credit: Andy Fossum / Splash News 

Pretty as a Picture

So we may have noticed some of the beautiful dresses that walked the red carpet, especially Canadian beauty Rachel McAdams, who was simply stunning in Elie Saab. But back to makeup: Rachel’s eyelids were treated to a watercolour effect, with a wash of colour that played up the blue, green and purple tones in her dress.

2010 Oscar Makeup Rachel McAdams

Image Credit: Jen Lowery / Splash News

Amanda Seyfried – Image Credit: Jen Lowery / Splash News


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