Neutrogena Launches ‘The Campaign to End Junkface’

There's a lot of things we like to share with our boyfriend. The perfect t-shirt, sweater etc… but not everything is meant to be shared. As a woman, just the thought of junkface makes us cringe, and the question of “Why?” pops into our head. What is junkface? Quite simply it's caused when men use the same bar of soap to clean their junk AND their face!

Thankfully Neutrogena has come to the rescue and is leading the charge with “The Campaign to End Junkface”. They are spreading the word and encouraging men to start using Neutrogena Men Face Wash made especially for their face.

The Facts:

Numbers don't lie…

  • 72% of men admit to using their soap for double-duty, causing junkface.
  • 95% of men shared that they would never use unwashed gym shorts to dry their face…but they will use the same bar of soap on their face that touched their junk? (EW!)
  • 83% of men value what their significant other thinks about their grooming habits.
  • 1 in 3 women feel uncomfortable about kissing a man with junkface.
  • More than 1/3 of women would reconsider marrying someone who washes his junk and face with the same soap.

Now that you know of the statistics, we hope this will shed some light on the situation.  You can find out more about Neutrogena's campaign at

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