Natural Cures for Dry Skin

When winter rolls around, the dry winter air affects our skin by drying it out, causing redness, itching and flaking. Not sexy. Combat dryness naturally with these tips, most of which you have lying around your kitchen already!


Olive oil

This healthy oil is almost as good for your skin as it is on your salads. Olive oil is a great moisturizer and contains linoleic acid, which prevents water from evaporating. Olive oil can also be used for shaving cream! It will moisturize as you shave, and is a good natural alternative. Your man can also use it as an aftershave, since many high end products contain similar ingredients and it also smells great!


Oats are great for soothing dry skin because they're packed with Vitamin E, which we know is essential for good skin. Add some oatmeal to a hot bath, or rub some wet oatmeal in between your hands, dry them off with a towel, and then rub them in dry oatmeal again to get super smooth hands.



If you have extremely dry areas on your skin, dab a little bit of honey, massage it on the skin and let it sit for a few minutes. Honey is an ingredient present in many natural products and DIY face masks, and it can also be used on your body. Honey is also great for soothing acne because of its antiseptic properties. However, make sure the honey you are using is raw honey, because store brands are unfiltered.



While aloe is a great natural cure for sunburns, it can also be used as a moisturizer. Look for products that contain this ingredient, or keep an aloe plant on hand to soothe any dry flaky patches. Aloe is great if you have a red nose after a cold. Snap off a piece of the plant and rub it on your nose to soothe any soreness.



Prevent dry skin even further by enriching your diet with essential fatty acids. Fish like salmon, eggs and flax are packed with omega-3 fatty acids that will help create a natural moisture barrier in your skin.



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