The Most Flattering Hairstyles for Round Face

There are about a million things right with having a round face, but while most of us who’ve been graced with cute cheeks and a lack of sharp jawlines can be categorized as adorable (or so this writer tells herself), there seems to be a serious lack of flattering haircuts. So instead of forcing you to endure blunt bangs or a too-short pageboy, here are the most flattering round face hairstyles.

Centre Part 
Helping bring back the hair don’t of the early 2000s are stars like Amy Poehler and Kelly Clarkson who’ve shown that by parting hair in the middle, you can elongate your face shape and help accentuate your jawline “ especially if you boast a centre part alongside an updo. However, the centre part will only work on those with long hair and those willing to play with volume: if your hairstyle’s too short or if your hair just hangs lifeless, a centre part will only accentuate that, making you look like you’re in need of a hairstyle revival.

Side-Swept Bangs
Every face shape needs a go-to, and since side-swept styles manage to elongate the face, this answer to bangs creates angles and works to give hair much-needed dimension. However, you don’t necessarily have to embrace bangs: if you’d rather part hair to the side, keep your front pieces at chin length, and like Kirsten Dunst, add waves to create volume. And remember, the best part about having a round face is that big hair can be yours: unlike those with smaller, long faces, curls, teasing and retro updos won’t overshadow you.

Pixie Cut
We’ve been trained to think that pixie cuts aren’t for the round of face, but as proven by Ginnifer Goodwin, an angled pixie cut can highlight bone structure and your jawline in a way that long hair can’t. Of course, you’ve got to think of texture. If your hair is fine or doesn’t hold curl, you may want to avoid going super short so that it doesn’t just sit there. Though with a little product and the magic of tousling, you can achieve a grown-out style that works with your face shape to accentuate your eyes and your cheekbones. 


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