Is Mineral Makeup Better?

It’s a daunting task ” finding that perfect product that not only suits your complexion, but is safe and beneficial to apply onto your skin. It’s no surprise then, that mineral makeup has been placed on a cosmetic pedestal following various all-natural health claims. Before you consider it a miracle product, here’s how it compares to traditional makeup: 

Why you should try it:
1. Mineral makeup is generally non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog the skin and cause breakouts. It also doesn’t contain perfumes, dyes, mineral oil or other preservatives. In a word, it is considered a purer makeup alternative. Natural mineral makeup is definitely a safe option, but always read product labels in case other harmful ingredients have been added. Just like the food we buy, product labels should be scanned with the same amount of caution. It’s important to make sure a product doesn’t contain potential skin irritants (like Bismuth oxychloride, parabens and silicone.)

2. Mineral makeup contains many antioxidants that can aid the skin by fighting off acne and assisting collagen production (the major structural protein in the skin.)

3. It can protect the skin from sun damage. The FDA has approved both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide as being a skin protectant and sunscreen (both of which are found in mineral makeup.) Don’t toss your suntan lotion out just yet” mineral makeup does not contain enough SPF to protect against ultraviolet rays. So, consider it a benefit, but not an alternative to sunscreen.

Why you might not:
1. When the minerals are compressed, they transform into a natural, smooth powder. The powder is naturally lighter on the skin, and many consumers claim the product doesn’t give the same amount of coverage as traditional makeup (mineral makeup doesn’t absorb into the skin like conventional products do.) Its powdered form can also make it a bit messy to apply.

2. It isn’t as durable. Mineral makeup doesn’t contain binders or other cosmetic ingredients that help most other products stick to your skin.

3. It is restricted in the number of shades it offers. This is because mineral makeup doesn’t use artificial dyes that can be harmful on the skin. However, with new technological advancements, manufacturers have come up with natural ways to derive a wide range of hues.

Final Vertict: Mineral makeup, by definition, is a naturally-derived product that is beneficial to the skin. Just make sure no other chemicals or harmful ingredients have been injected into the product. When it comes to healthy skin, less is always more. 

Still not sure about a product? Refer to a cosmetic dabase, like the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database.

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