Making Pink Lips Work For You

Red lips may be classic, but when it comes to a funky, fresh summer alternative, it’s time to look into pink: the ultra-feminine colour that’s staked its claim on seasonal beauty trends both on the street and on the red carpet. But since pink doesn’t necessarily mesh well with every complexion, we’ve come up with some foolproof ways to infuse the shade into your regimen and to make it work for you. After all, summer’s the time to have some fun.

Dark Eyes, Bright Lips
If you’re one to embrace the smoky eye, good news “ the time is yours. Thanks to our infatuation with the mid-1960s, boasting a pale pink shade (like Nars’ Roman Holiday or Mitzi), alongside dark eyeliner and bold lashes evokes the dynamic of London circa ’65, providing a pop of understated colour to balance the drama of winged liner and lengthy eyelashes. Just remember that the more eye product you use, the lighter your shade of lips should be “ this isn’t a mid-90s dance recital, after all.

Skin Tone Awareness
Good news: regardless of what skin tone you have, there’s a pink to suit your complexion “ provided you stick to the warm, cool or neutral spectrum you tend to gravitate towards. If you’re on the paler side of things, embrace a bold neon tone like MAC’s Pearly Electric Rose, while a fuchsia shade like MAC’s Pink Nouveau works perfectly alongside dark skin tones “ as proven by Rihanna and Nicki Minaj’s consistent endorsements of bold lip colour. 

Go Bold
While you’ve been urged to keep it natural when it comes to red lips, gloss or even a neutral balm, pink lips require a commitment to standing out. Translation? This isn’t the time to skimp on colour. Since the hottest shades are of the retro variety (like electric pink, fuchsia and even pastel), to use pink sparingly will only make for a faded look that comes off incomplete and spotty. If you’re worried about making too much of a statement (not that you should be) simply tone down eye makeup or blush “ that way, your lips will still be a focal point, but by no means will you come off overdone.

Warm vs. Cool 
While pairing pinks with skin tones is a major factor in boasting bold colour, it’s also important that you understand which end of the warm/cool spectrum you fall under. Are you one to wear reds, yellows and burgundies? You may feel more comfortable donning a warmer shade with an orange undertone. While if you’re more comfortable boasting black, grey, blue or purple, stick to a cooler shade that maintains a frostier aesthetic. But be careful when it comes to teeth: like orange lipsticks can bring out yellow in teeth, pink can do the same. Thus, if you’re self-conscious about your pearly whites, try a cooler shade to bring out the bright and to keep yellow to a minimum.

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