Makeup Tips To Define Your Eyes

Eye makeup is oh so fun to use but not always easy to apply successfully. Choosing the right colours and shaping your shadow and brows can do wonders for your look. Here are some easy tips to make the most of those gorgeous eyes of yours. 

Define Your Brows
Start with brow pencil in the heaviest brow section of your eyebrow and shape, then use a toothbrush to comb out your brows and shape them. Always pluck your eyebrows from below the brow to shape them. Makeup trends are headed towards fuller, defined brows to showcase the natural makeup look and bold eye makeup for fall and winter 2011.

Colours For Your Eyes
For a smooth base before applying eyeshadow use a good face foundation that will smooth the areas around the eyes. Applying foundation on your eyes will help keep your eyeshadow smooth and less likely to crease or run. If you are going the natural look for this coming season use nude and light earth tones for your eyeshadows, blending into one look the eyes/cheeks/lips with nothing bold in place. If you want to go towards the upcoming trend of smokey eyes use two tones of color, a lighter color on lid edging out to the end of the eyes, then a darker tone in the crease blended out above the other color to the edge of the eyes. A little smudge under your lower lid completes this smokey, moody eyeshadow design.

Shaping With Mascara
Eyes aren’t finished until you apply mascara. Applying mascara at the base of the lashes and moving the brush slightly will help thicken the mascara as you travel up through the lashes. Continue a slight wiggle as you brush the mascara from base to tip since this will help separate lashes. Apply mascara the same way from base to tip on your upper eyelashes. Let your first coat of mascara dry completely for a few minutes, then gently apply a second coat for even thicker lashes. 

Making Your Eyes Stand Out
Black or brown eyeliner always makes your eyes stand out, the choice is yours to apply on top or top and bottom. A professional makeup trick to make your eyes shine is to use white eyeliner or pencil drawn at the waterline, generally on the lower lid of the eye. If a thin white line is too extreme a look for you try a small dot of white or blend a lighter color on the inside corner of your eyes to brighten your eyes up. 

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