Makeup tips: Avoid These Typical Makeup Mistakes

Most of us have been practicing our makeup techniques since evenings spent springing for tinted lipgloss in junior high. Yet despite our years of ever-changing regimens, there are still cardinal sins committed when it comes to applying cosmetics. So to spare you any more heartache, raccoon eyes or the aesthetic of Courtney Love, here’s our guide to wearing makeup and how to avoid the biggest faux pas.

What: Raccoon Eyes

How to avoid them: We’ve all experienced the horror of leaving the house looking seemingly perfect (of course), only to glance at ourselves a few hours later and realize we’re channeling our inner Taylor Momsen. Thus, instead of layering on the cheap stuff and heading out the door, apply a base of eyeliner with a sharpened pencil, go overtop with a long-lasting liquid product, set with a touch of powder (using a flat contour brush), and apply mascara. Clearly it’s wise to check up on your face every so often, but you’ll find the dreaded morning after aesthetic far less common.

What: Smeared Lips

How to avoid them: While glossy lips are in-step with this year’s endless 1970s tributes, it’s important to remember that gloss-based products are more likely to move, therefore more likely to plot an escape. So if you’re set on a bright lip this holiday season, set with a matte product (like a pencil or lipstick) first, then use a brush to apply gloss so you can avoid putting too much on. True, you may have to re-apply throughout the night (even all-day products tend to succumb to meals, drinks and time), but you’ll have hours of smear-proof lips as opposed to a cosmetic mishap.

What: Streaky Blush/Bronzer

How to avoid it: After Lindsay Lohan’s court appearance last week, few of us could forget the horror of blush and/or bronzer gone horribly awry. Yes, streaky bright blush has been seen on the runways, but unless you’re donning couture and modeling for Givenchy, it’s best to make added colour seem natural “ especially when it comes to your cheeks. Luckily, it’s easy to avoid super-streaky blush by using a round brush, and making a sweeping motion from the top of your cheekbone to the tip of your nose.

Or, if you’re more inclined to use a gel or cream-based product, apply colour to where the sun naturally hits your face, rub in lightly, and work to create a sun-kissed look that seems natural and healthy.


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    • January 1, 1970
    Great website!!!! Thanks for loading it with awesome tips 🙂
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    • January 1, 1970
    Great website!!!! Thanks for loading it with awesome tips 🙂

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